Meadowbank Dam

Hydro Tasmania Meadowbank

McElligotts works with Hydro Tasmania to conduct remedial maintenance works on their infrastructure facilities around the state. We work on everything from dam and penstock infrastructure to turbine and power station internal works. Much of our work centres on removal of lead-based paint (as lots of these structures were built many decades ago), abrasive blasting,
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Tamar River Batman Bridge

Batman Bridge Protective Coating

The Batman bridge was built in 1968 and was one of the first cable-stayed structures in the world. Located to the North of the Tamar River the Batman Bridge provides a vital link between West and East Tamar. This structure spans over 430 metres, requiring robust protective coating from the corrosion-inducive environment below. Our abrasive
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Renewable Assets

Musselroe Wind Farm

McElligotts was contracted to apply protective coatings on wind turbine structures as part of the Musselroe Wind Farm from 2013 – 2014. Our team worked with Haywards Steel Fabrication and Construction, who supplied 56 Vesta Towers for this project. This was possibly one of the largest, most intense projects we’ve completed in our 60-year history.
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Brisbane Merivale Bridge

Merivale Bridge

Double Line Rail Bridge In 2016, Queensland Rail sought a solution from the McElligotts team to undertake the refurbishment of the Merivale rail bridge in Brisbane. The Merivale bridge was opened in 1978 and had not received any major remedial maintenance since then. Our primary role in this project was to strip, clean and apply
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