Mine Entrance Way

The McElligotts Queensland team was engaged to provide remedial construction services to the entrance way of a mine in the Mackay area.

The entrance way had to be transported to McElligotts’ Mackay yard and lifted into the igloo by a crane. Weighing in at 18 tonnes, its dimensions are 6m high, 5m wide, and 10m long, making it a significant structure that required careful handling to get it to our yard.

After putting the mine entrance way in place, the team began abrasive blasting the structure to clean it of its old coating and any contaminants that had formed. Afterwards, they painted the structure using a primer and protective coating of paint. The mine entrance way was painted using two colours, with the outside being painted white, and the inside being painted green.

Mine Entrance Remediation

Overall, this project took our team four days to complete. It is essential for a mine entrance way to be well-maintained over a long period of time. The McElligotts team were proud to assist in bringing this mine entrance way back to its highest standard.

It was an exciting opportunity, and McElligotts was able to play a key part in assisting both the mining and construction industry of Mackay, and its surrounding regions.