McElligotts provide specialised coating and remedial construction services throughout Australia, including passive fire protection for commercial structures and infrastructure.

Passive Fire ProtectionOur team have an unrivalled reputation for safety and we continually stay up to date with the latest application procedures for passive fire protection.

Our expertise includes passive fire protection installation on large commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects in Australia. Whether you require passive fire protection installation in a new structure during construction, or need maintenance on existing protection systems, our team of skilled operators will be by your side.

We have a longstanding reputation for safety in the protective coatings and remedial construction industry. The safety of our workers and any other persons on site is our top priority and is never compromised. We avoid using hazardous materials, ensure all workplace health and safety procedures are followed, and take additional precautions based on over 65 years’ experience.

Adapted to Your Needs:

We have experience working with all kinds of specialised passive fire protection measures and can adapt our skillset to suit your needs. We continually work with leading suppliers of passive fire protection sprays and components to ensure we are properly trained and certified in the safest, most recent installation methods. Each of our state teams are familiar with specific fire safety regulations relating to passive fire protection and we’ll ensure your structure isn’t at risk of failure at future fire audits.

Common passive fire protection services we perform include spray-on coatings for structural steel beams, as well as coating and ducting for cabling. Most passive fire protection for steel structures includes vermiculite sprays, intumescent paint and other specialised coatings. If there’s a specific type of passive fire protection required by regulation or in the building plans, we are more than happy to accommodate.

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