McElligotts have been providing concrete remediation services for commercial, industrial and civil assets in Australia for over 65 years.  

We carry specialised equipment and our team are all trained in advanced remediation techniques to ensure we can safely fix concrete in a broad range of environments and industries. We have teams based in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania – visit our projects portfolio to see our full range of capabilities.

Concrete Remediation Capabilities:

Concrete Remediation ServicesOur services include structural concrete repair and reinforcement, cathodic protection installation, joint and sealing and repair and more. Our team can install and repair chemical bunds, remediate pipes, tunnels and drainage systems, and have specialist knowledge and experience in fitting hydraulic concrete structures with waterproofing and chemical resistant linings.

Whether you’re constructing a tunnel, need crack injection on your concrete flooring, or structural cracks are developing on a bridge, McElligotts are equipped to take care of it all. Our team repair concrete in wet and dry environments and can also recommend protective coatings tailored to your environment when necessary.

Our equipment includes:

  • UHP water jetting units up to 40,000 psi for concrete demolition and coating removal
  • Robot water jetting equipment to safely demolish concrete
  • Core drilling equipment for sampling and penetration
  • Concrete grinding and surfacing equipment
  • Dry and wet shotcrete spray equipment
  • Crack injection equipment

Pair with Protective Coating:

If we’ve assessed your concrete as having been damaged due to abrasion, carbonation or some other preventable wear, we may recommend having protective coating applied. Our team of blasters and painters are all qualified and our supervisors hold NACE Coating Inspector certification.

We stay up to date with the latest innovations in coating technology and our team are skilled in everything from simple brush applications through to airless application systems. This ensures effective installation for the most durable, hardy coating possible. We’re experienced with stormwater and pipe lining and can provide protection for everything from commercial concrete structures through to hydraulic concrete structures, like tanks and dams. Learn more about our protective coating capabilities.

Get in touch with McElligotts today to learn more about our concrete remediation and protective coating application services.