coal stacker1

Caval Ridge Coal Stacker Reclaimer and CAT Shovel Painting

In April 2013, we were contracted by the Caval Ridge Coal Mine owned by BMA, to perform touch up painting and protective coating on their coal stacker reclaimer equipment. Initial surface preparation included abrasive blasting and mechanical cleaning. From there, construction paint damage was repaired and re-application of protective coating systems was conducted to the client’s specifications. In total, we worked on three raw and product coal stackers and two raw and product bucket wheel reclaimers.

During the course of that project, we were also hired to conduct similar paint and protective coating application on their new CAT 7495 Electric Rope shovel. As the rope shovel is a massive piece of equipment, we had an encapsulated on-site painting area, where each individual item was painted before being erected. In 2014, the Caval Ridge Coal Mine was opened and started producing coal a few months ahead of schedule.