McElligotts provide remedial construction and protective coatings services including commercial lead paint removal.

lead paint removalOur team have over six decades of experience across a wide range of commercial building and infrastructure projects, including Westgate Bridge and Hydro Tasmania. In addition to complete lead paint removal, we can provide continual remediation services, where lead paint is removed on components as the maintenance program requires.

Lead paint is a toxic carcinogen that was commonly used to cover steel on commercial construction projects throughout Australia prior to 1975. McElligotts safely remove lead paint for demolition, construction, remedial construction and renovation projects. Lead removal can include partial or whole lead removal, or in cases where the lead paint is undisturbed, a re-surfacing can be done with newer non-toxic paint, utilising the lead base as a primer.

Comprehensive Services:

Our team have specialised experience and certification in a range of structural remediation techniques. Other services we provide to complement our lead removal service include:

Specialised Techniques and Safety:

Our unrivalled reputation for safety is our greatest achievement. We continue to adapt our skills and safety protocols to suit the needs of each individual project we work on – whether we’re working in the petrochemical industry or providing continual surface maintenance for passenger bridges, our supervisor’s top priority is ensuring that all proper safety standards are followed at all times.

Through years of experience in the field, we’ve researched and developed specialised techniques to make lead removal as safe as possible. In addition to using modern dust extraction systems, vented air HEPA filtering is used throughout our projects. Our work areas are thoroughly encapsulated, ensuring a negative air environment to prevent cross-contamination. Our meticulous attention to detail has resulted in X-years since our last workplace injury.

All debris taken from site is disposed of in the correct manner. Debris collection and removal processes are documented and meet certified hazardous good removal standards.

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