Mining Equipment Protective Coating

McElligotts was engaged to restore some existing mining equipment in October 2014. This included a Hitachi EX5500 Excavator boom and an armoured face conveyor (AFC). Some of this equipment had seen use at the Gregory Crinum coal mine and it was clear it would need extensive surface preparation and specialised protective coating.

Prior to applying protective coating, abrasive blasting was conducted on both the boom and conveyor equipment up to AS1627.9 Class 2.5 (equivalent to ISO8501-1, Sa 2.5: Very thorough blast cleaning). From there, applied Intergard 251 as a primer and Interfine 629 for the final coatings on the boom, and Red Oxide primer on the AFC equipment. By choosing McElligotts, our client received off-site professional paint application, transportation of heavy equipment (the boom was 40-tonne alone) and quick turnaround.