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We have over six decades of experience working on commercial infrastructure projects. We have first-hand knowledge and experience of what makes a good scaffolding system because we work on them every day. Our scaffolding structures are designed with safety as the number one priority, giving your workers and contractors the confidence needed to complete your project efficiently.

Our scaffolding designs are produced with AutoCAD to give our clients a living image of what the design looks like before it is installed. This allows us to make any necessary modifications to the scaffold structure to suit your project and access requirements without hassle. Our team conduct regular quality assurance throughout the scaffolding construction and we ensure that all current industry standard procedures are properly followed.

Featured Project


Tullaroop Spillway Bridge

We were tasked with erecting containment underneath the bridge to capture the spent lead contaminated garnet, while also blasting and repainting the steel beams supporting the bridge. The work began with building a scaffold around the bridge.

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Our scaffolding hire is competitively priced and includes:

  • High quality galvanised structure
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Onsite scaffold register
  • Labour hire, with basic to advanced scaffolding ticket holders is available.
  • AutoCAD scaffolding designs
  • On time delivery

Our team have developed techniques to ensure your workers have safe and efficient access to as much of the project as possible, even in tight spaces. We take safety seriously and have not had a workplace incident for over X-years.

Get in touch with McElligotts today to get a quote on an advanced scaffolding access system for your site. Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have and design an effective solution, tailored to your needs.

We have teams across Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales who are ready to assist on short notice.


Our services include addressing structural issues, advanced protective coatings, and precise applications for long-lasting durability.

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