McElligotts apply thermal spray aluminium coatings on commercial, industrial and infrastructural projects across Australia.

thermal metal spraying

We utilise innovative application techniques and equipment, and our protective coating team have all undergone certification in protective coating application. We’ve been applying protective coatings for over 65 years and are excited to offer this innovative protective coating system to our clients. McElligotts works on projects in every state; view our projects to witness our capabilities.

Thermal spray aluminium is a specialised coating process in which base materials are melted before being sprayed with specialised high-pressure equipment. Thermally sprayed aluminium is great for corrosion protection in environments where the risk of corrosion is higher than usual. We can spray both ferrous and non-ferrous metals with thermal sprayed aluminium, and no cathodic protection is required. This specialised protective coating technique is often used in processing plants, chemical plants, oil and gas platforms, and any other industry that requires high levels of corrosion protection. It’s been proven to last decades in marine applications around the world and we recommend it where suitable.

Comprehensive Remedial Services:

If additional remedial work is needed to get your metal structures and equipment in order, you can count on us to take care of it. Our team are equipped with ultra high pressure water spraying equipment and are trained in abrasive blasting techniques, allowing us to level the surface and remove rust and grime. This will ensure the thermally sprayed aluminium coating achieves the longest lifespan possible.

McElligotts can spray a range of different aluminium grades to suit your intended application, and we also offer other specialised protective coatings. If you’re unsure whether thermal spray aluminium or a specialised protective coating would be best suited for your equipment or structure, please get in touch with us.

Our friendly team will be more than happy to assist and answer any questions you may have.