McElligotts provide ultra / high pressure cleaning services for industrial surface cleaning and preparation across Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

Ultra High Pressure CleaningOur team has the equipment and skills necessary to completely rid any exterior surfaces or internal linings of salts and other contaminants that might ruin your concrete. In addition to our high pressure cleaning, we can also remediate and protect your concrete to ensure it lasts longer.

Our Pressure Cleaning Capabilities:

McElligotts clean and remove all surface contaminates and waste, with procedures in place to ensure it is conducted in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Our team have worked on everything from large scale infrastructure projects, through to commercial construction and restoration projects – visit our projects portfolio to see the full range of our capabilities.

Projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Victoria’s Eastern Treatment Plant
  • Kangaroo Valley Pipeline
  • Trevallyn Dam
  • Batman Bridge
  • Hydro Tasmania
  • Various Queensland mine sites

Our equipment has variable pressure from 3,000 to 40,000 psi, allowing us to eliminate surface contaminants quickly and effortlessly in all types of environments. In addition to cleaning, this kind of pressure allows us to remove existing coatings and demolish concrete in a local area with the kind of preciseness that a jackhammer or other manual equipment can’t achieve. Learn more about our concrete remediation services.

Removing surface contaminates such as salts, chlorides, grease, oil and sludge from your surface regularly is important to reduce the occurrence of other concrete problems, such as carbonation and concrete cancer. Once surface cleaning and preparation is complete we can complete a protective coating application if requested.


Our reputation for safety in the remedial construction industry speaks for itself. McElligotts have not had a workplace-related injury for over X-years. We’ve achieved this by putting in our own processes to guarantee the safety of our workers and anyone else on site, in addition to our required OH&S and industry safety obligations.

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