Black Hill Water Reservoir

McElligotts was engaged to remediate concrete seepage at the Black Hill Water Reservoir. Owned by the Hunter Water Corporation, the Black Hill Water Reservoir is an 86 million litre water reservoir, constructed in 1939. The structure was still in good overall condition, but had begun to show signs of seepage, with water escaping through deteriorated joint seals and cracks in the concrete slabs. Remedial concrete works were necessary to keep the water safe and the structure stable and protected. We completed the project between July and September 2017.

The project demanded a 20-year minimum design life and certification with the Australian standard AS/NZS 4020 for contact with potable water.Firstly, we applied a primer to the concrete surface and placed a flexible bonding tape to the 5,000 lineal metres of joints. To repair the cracks in the floor and toe slabs, Intercrete 4841 (cementitious-polymer protective coating) and Intercrete 4872 (waterproof reinforcing tape) were selected as the most suitable products within the project’s requirements.

We had a timeframe of 42 days for this project which had a floor area of 11,000m2 and short shutdown windows when we were able to apply the coating. When selecting the coating and application method, we needed to accommodate for the structural movement and stresses observed during the regular usage and maintenance of the site (up to 5mm vertical movement in the floor was observed in prior surveys).

Ultimately, we were able to meet the client’s requirements to schedule, and we’re pleased with the finished outcome. The Black Hill Water Reservoir will be well-protected from any structural stress and corrosion for decades to come.