Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

McElligotts were engaged to complete the repaint of the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse. The major work scope was the removal of the existing lead-based coatings and replacement with a modern protective coating system. Additional project requirements included the repair and stabilisation of cracking concrete, repairs of severe corrosion and metallic substrates and replacing the external stairway stringer.

Cape Naturaliste

Sitting more than 100 metres above sea level on the headland at the western edge of WA’s Geographe Bay, the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is an incredibly popular tourist attraction in the Margaret River Region. Drawing in 75,000 visitors annually, and having been built in 1904, it was clear that the lighthouse was in need of some remedial repairs to maintain the stunning historical stature.

To ensure its longevity as a vital marine safety aid, and a culturally significant drawcard, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (ASMA) sought a turnkey solution from McElligotts to undertake repainting and repair works of the lighthouse. The project was completed in May 2019.

In order to adhere to the brief of keeping “the lighthouse’s heritage features intact while lifting its appearance and providing the protection this asset needs in such an exposed position, some remedial concrete repairs and protective coating were necessary.

Works we completed in this project included:

  • Stabilisation and repair of concrete cracks on the balcony and floor support corbels
  • Repointing of the stone work
  • Repairs of any severe corrosion damage to metallic substrates
  • Reglazing of the lantern room
  • Removal of asbestos materials
  • Replacement of plastic safety screens
  • Temporary navigation system setup, with reinstallation of the original system once all works were completed

Although this lighthouse was built primarily using limestone, some structural areas were constructed with concrete, which required attention in order to remain stable. After all toxic materials and miscellaneous repairs were taken care of, we applied a durable protective coating to the internal and external surfaces of the structure. We selected a coating system designed to withstand the corrosive-inducive environment surrounding it for many years to come.

Naturaliste Lighthouse

Kununurra Diversion Dam Regulating Structures

From 2009 – 2014, McElligotts completed gradual remediation works on the Kununurra Diversion Dam regulating structures as part of a five-year contract for the WA Water Corporation. The Kununurra Dam consists of 20 gates, requiring us to complete works on at least four per year. The remediation process included abrasive blasting, scaffolding, and protective coating application on the internal and external structures.

Our team had to setup specialised equipment on barges and engineer specially-designed scaffolding for the unique conditions presented in this project. Each gate took about three months to finish, owing to the accessibility and sheer scale of each radial gate. We carefully assessed the surroundings and identified suitable primers and protective coatings that will last for many years to come.