Slade Point Reservoir

McElligotts recently completed repairs for the Slade Point Reservoir in partnership with Mackay Regional Council.

The reservoir was exhibiting deteriorated concrete with spalling, delaminated concrete and areas of exposed reinforcement.

Slade Point is a small coastal town in Mackay. It’s unique location makes it one of the few spots in the region where visitors can experience both sunrises and sunsets over the ocean. The water reservoir services the local community of approximately 3,500 residents as well as a strong tourism presence, especially during whale watching season.

Following the completion of repairs to the reservoir, Mackay Regional Council and several local community groups and businesses engaged local artist Cara Saunders (aka ‘Owlet’) to paint an impressive mural on the exterior. Whales were selected as the focus for the mural as the water tower is located on the headland of Slade Point, making it a popular whale watching area.

This project is a great example of some of the smaller scale projects that our team work on. All of the preparation, concrete remediation and priming was completed by the Queensland McElligotts team.

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