McElligotts Victoria

The Team, Facilities and Projects

We recently sat down with Daniel McElligott, one of the newest members of the McElligotts Victoria team to discuss his recent career change and some of the projects the Victorian team has been working on. Our Victorian facility is unique in its ability to work on a wide variety of projects including work in the water and wastewater industry, roads and rail, bridges, infrastructure, lighthouses and Government owned assets.

Daniel’s Role:

In his role as Estimator and Project Manager, Daniel is 3rd generation McElligott to work in the business, with his grandfather being one of the founders and his father having worked in the business for 25 years. Daniel has an extensive background in construction and project management, having started as an apprentice painter in his father’s business before moving on to a project manager role and eventually spending 3 years as director. After selling the business, Daniel joined his family at McElligotts in early 2020, seeking more variety and scope in his work. A day in the life at McElligotts for Daniel can include working out pricing for projects, liaising with clients, seeking new project opportunities, performing site visits and filling out any relevant paperwork to prepare the team for their next project.

Working at McElligotts Victoria:

McElligotts Victoria is where our head office is located and is one of the most diverse facilities in the business, covering a large scope of work with an experienced team that is adaptable to many different industries. Being the head office, the Victorian team is equipped to offer ample assistance to the other state facilities, ensuring all four locations are well supported.  When we asked Daniel why he enjoys working at McElligotts Victoria, he said that he likes getting to meet clients from different industries, the variety in his work and the experienced and hardworking team he works alongside.



The Victorian team work on several significant projects across the country. Some of the most notable projects we’ve worked on in the past are the Westgate Bridge Strengthening Project, the Black Hill Water Reservoir, the Wantirna Sewer Shaft and the Eastern Treatment Plant Refurbishment.


Currently, we continue to work alongside the Victorian Government and VicRoads to complete the painting refurbishment of the Westgate Bridge, with expected completion in 2021. This project is similar to the original work we did on the Westgate Bridge in 2017, instead with a focus on restoring paint and abrasive blasting. In addition, we regularly conduct remedial maintenance programs at oil and gas refineries across Australia which include programs tailored to our client’s needs.


McElligotts Victoria are proud to announce that we have two exciting new projects in the pipeline:

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse

The Point Lonsdale Lighthouse is located in Point Lonsdale, Victoria and is operated by the Victorian Channels Authority. First lit in 1902, this heritage listed lighthouse has a rich history and plays an important role in the town’s tourism industry. McElligotts have been contracted to carry out steel refurbishment and re-coating of the outer side of the lighthouse. We are honoured to have been chosen for this project and cannot wait to get started.

Melbourne CBD Metro Station

McElligotts were recently engaged to perform work on the heritage listed Melbourne CBD Metro Station. The Metro is a vital heritage listed piece of infrastructure that expands over 270m and carried 4 different rail lines. This project is expected to kick off in 2020 and involves liaising with important stakeholders including the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and Melbourne City Council as well as pedestrian and environmental management. We are looking forward to getting started on this project and are confident in the results.