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Eastern Treatment Plant Refurbishment

McElligotts performed remedial construction works during the Eastern Treatment Plant refurbishment between August 2011 and November 2013. During construction, major leaks had developed in concrete structures, requiring a strip of the existing coating and a relining. Our team lined over 5000m2 of concrete with Polibrid, using a reinforced coating system we’d developed using geo fabric. Geo fabric was pinned to the concrete to mitigate the potential for future coating failures.

From there, we applied intercrete bands to expansion joints, providing extra strength in the coating system to prevent water pressure leaking through the joints. Ultra-high pressure surface preparation was performed on the external concrete surfaces to ensure the correct surface profile was achieved. As the water treatment plant has some high foot traffic areas, we made sure that the coating selected was non-slip. This was a large project requiring many co-ordinated steps with 200 other contractors onsite working alongside us.