Wantirna Sewer Shaft

McElligotts was engaged by Melbourne Water to rehabilitate the Wantirna Sewer Shaft in March, 2017.

The scope of work included the rehabilitation of a 65m deep and 12m diameter sewer shaft. At McElligotts, the safety of our staff and clients is our top priority, so It was especially important for us to maintain a safe system of working as working within a live sewer can be dangerous for a number of reasons.

Our work on this project included:

  • Access, egress and rescue capability
  • Work platforms, safety lines and catch facilities
  • Cleaning of all internal surfaces in the shaft
  • Removal of all softened and acidified concrete from shaft walls and platforms
  • Rehabilitation and remediation of all concrete surfaces including rebuiliding
  • Application of a protective coating

McElligotts finished this project within a short six-month time frame, working around the clock to ensure the Wantira Sewer Shaft was restored as quickly as possible.