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Ryde Bridge

In February 2017, McElligotts was contracted by Duratc on behalf of Maritime Services to complete the rehab and painting of the Ryde Bridge, a steel bridge structure with two truss spans, a central lift span and approach spans.

The Ryde Bridge is located just west of the Sydney CBD and connects Ryde in North Sydney to Rhodes in Sydney’s West, spanning the Parramatta River. Constructed in 1935, this bridge replaced the need for ferries to carry supplies between these two points, creating a new convenience for road traffic, bikes and pedestrians. In addition, Ryde Bridge has significant significant local history being the only lift span bridge on Sydney Harbour since these types of bridges are no longer designed and built. Since its construction, Ryde Bridge has proved an important transport route for outer suburbs to access inner Sydney via car.

As part of the rehabilitation, McElligotts had to perform strengthening repairs on the entire bridge which included:

  • 11, 000 sqm of riveted steel truss
  • Establishment of scaffolding and level A containment
  • Safe working areas and maritime vessel management
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Safe removal of the lead-based coating bridge below deck
  • Application of the new protective 3 coat system

Ryde Bridge Repairs