McElligotts Tasmania

Tasmania Branch Manager

Daniel McElligott, Tasmanian Branch Manager (Interim) With 18 years’ experience in the protective coatings industry. McElligotts are pleased to have Daniel onboard and in the position of interim TAS manager. Daniel has covered all elements of the protective coating industry from applicator, supervisor, project manager, and Director of a protective coating company, before joining McElligotts. Daniel is an astute operator in business operations and has vast experience in major projects in road, rail, petrochemical, and water sectors. Along with Daniel’s broad knowledge and practical applications in protective coatings, Daniel also has NACE, HSE and Business Management qualifications to ensure all operations under his direction are delivered safely and to a high level of environmental compliance. Daniel remains an active representative for McElligotts in industry networks such as Australasian Corrosion Association, Mater Painter Association and NACE

The Facilities:

McElligott’s Tasmanian facilities boast our largest yard facilities with capacity to handle a few thousand square meters of steel, all under shelter and at climate-controlled environment. One of the most unique elements of the Tasmanian yard is that it has rail running all the way through it. This allows for structural steel to be pushed through on trolley system (as opposed to an overhead crane), from the blasting bay through to one of several painting bays with up to 120Tonne capacity.

As far as efficiency and recycling go, the Tassie facility uses electric compressors rather than diesel which are known to be a more efficient option. They also have a large blast bay that recycles and reuses the steel grits to keep abrasive costs down while also contributing to McElligott’s sustainability efforts.

In addition to our yard facilities, the Tasmanian operation is also well equipped to handle on-site work with an experienced team that has access to industry leading equipment and technology for both automated and manual blasting and painting.



The Tasmanian team work on a number of large projects throughout Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria. Some of the most notable projects of recent years include the Bridge of Remembrance in Hobart, an impressive pedestrian bridge, as well as the Darlington Bridge refurbishment project in South Australia and a large rail upgrade project in Victoria.

Bridge of Remembrance
Bridge of Remembrance, Hobart


We continue to work With Department of State Growth Tasmania as well as Hydro Tasmania and many other Tasmanian based Fabricators and have just finished Stage 1 of the Batman Bridge A Frame. Our close relationship with steel fabrication company Haywards ensures that we have a constant flow of structural steel and heavy engineering projects to keep the Tasmanian team busy!


With a focus on renewable energy, we can see more wind tower projects will be a priority in the future. We have also shown the ability to effectively prepare and paint large sections of steel bridge girders most recently for the Westgate Tunnel Project in Victoria. We’ve invested in these facilities to ensure that we are well placed to handle this work.

We also continue to work alongside Hydro Tasmania as they roll out heavy upgrades on a lot of their equipment. Every year they complete a station upgrade which includes work on the penstocks, ensuring that these assets are here for the next generation to come.

Due to these investments in renewable energy sources and infrastructure big builds, the future for McElligotts in Tasmania remains bright as far as protective coatings and heavy engineering goes.