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Throughout the years, McElligotts has had the pleasure of working on a number of lighthouse restoration projects right across Australia. These projects have been some of the most rewarding that our team have worked on, as lighthouses always hold a special significance to their community and many are now heritage listed.

This means that the remedial construction work that we perform on these structures has to comply with strict guidelines. Once our job is complete, the lighthouses maintain their historical aesthetic to be enjoyed by generations into the future. These lighthouses are often in remote and difficult to reach places, meaning our team has to really draw upon their experience and expertise to get the job done. So, let’s take a look at some of our favourite lighthouse projects over the years.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

This stunning lighthouse is perched more than 100m above sea level at the western edge of WA’s Geographe Bay and is a popular tourist destination all year around. This structure was already well over 100 years old when our team was called in to provide some much-needed remedial work. After all, for such a favourite amongst the tourists, it was important for the lighthouse to maintain its historical accuracy while still being safe for any who paid it a visit.

Our work on Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse was completed in May 2019 and focused on repairing cracks in the concrete, mitigating corrosion, and applying a fresh coat of paint to protect the lighthouse against the strong winds of the Indian Ocean. Now, this local landmark can be enjoyed by all for years to come.

Cape Wickham Lighthouse 1887

Cape Wickham Lighthouse

Lighthouses in Australia don’t get more iconic – or taller – than the Cape Wickham Lighthouse in Tasmania. Having stood for more than 150 years and at a staggering 48 metres in height, this lighthouse was one of the most memorable projects in McElligotts’ history.

We were tasked by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority to repair cracks in the concrete base while removing the led-based coating and replacing it with a modern protective coating system. This project was undertaken in February 2019 and involved several other important remedial tasks to keep this famous structure standing.

Port Lonsdale Lighthouse

The Port Lonsdale Lighthouse in Victoria continues to provide safe passage for sailors throughout one of the most treacherous passages of water in Australia. This is because the lighthouse overlooks the entrance from Port Phillip Bay into the Bass Strait, which has become so infamous for its rough waters that it’s earned itself the nickname ‘The Rip”.

As such, the remedial worked that our team performed on this 120-year-old lighthouse was not only important, but necessary. We refurbished the structure’s steelwork and applied a new protective coating so that sailors, tourists, and operators can continue to benefit from everything that the Port Lonsdale Lighthouse has to offer.

Goods Island Lighthouse

Speaking of remote, our projects don’t come more out of the way than this. McElligotts has been working hard on providing remedial work to the Goods Island Lighthouse, located all the way out in the Torres Strait.

In order to access this structure, we had to fly in our team and equipment by helicopter. While we have more to share with you in the future about this project, we can say for certain that it has been one of the most unforgettable in recent memory.

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Lighthouses are significant for a number of reasons. They help guide ships in poor visibility, they are favourites amongst tourists, and they each contain countless stories for their local community. At McElligotts, we pride ourselves in helping to keep these historical monuments alive well into the future. If you wish to engage our remedial construction services for any infrastructure project in Australia, then contact us today.