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Grange Resources

McElligotts Tasmania has had the pleasure of working with Grange Resources to provide refurbishment services for their tanks and conveyors. These large pieces of mining equipment are essential to the continual operation of the mines run by Grange Resources, so our maintenance work specifically contributes to the success of these large operations.

Grange Resources operates two facilities in Tasmania. The first of these is the Savage River mine, which is approximately 100km southwest of the city of Burnie. This mine produces some of the highest iron-concentrated magnetite in Australia. The national resources excavated from this mine are renowned for their minimal impurities and play a big role in the country’s iron economy.

The second mine is located at Port Latta, roughly 70km northwest of Burnie. This is Grange Resources’ entirely owned pellet plant and port facility. Each year, this facility produces over 2.2 million tonnes of high-quality iron ore products.

The McElligotts team were tasked with the job of delivering remedial services to Grange Resources’ tanks. Both types of equipment play a valuable role in the storage, transportation, and movement of resources throughout the mine. Therefore, it is paramount that they also always remain in peak condition.

Our team refurbished the tanks using a mix of high-pressure washing and abrasive blasting, afterwards applying a fresh, new coat of paint.

We would like to thank Grange Resources for giving us the opportunity to work on this exciting project, and to all the McElligotts team members for demonstrating their skills and expertise in getting the job done to such a high standard.