That’s a Wrap: McElligotts 2022

As we celebrate the end of another year, McElligotts would like to take a moment to thank our team, our partners, and our clients for their continuing support throughout 2022. While the past twelve months have been turbulent – with Covid-lockdowns, extreme weather events, scarcity of materials, delays in manufacturing and shipping – it has been uplifting to see how the wider business and construction community of Australia has worked together to overcome these challenges.

In fact, McElligotts has undertaken more refurbishment projects on equipment in the past couple of years than ever before. Our clients have been finding that ordering new equipment and vehicles takes too long – largely due to the supply constraints that have arisen from Covid. Just as new cars are taking months – or years – to arrive after people have bought them, the construction and mining industries have also been hit hard by equipment delays.

This is just one example of how Australian businesses are working together to keep things moving. In addition to the refurbishment work, we have also had the opportunity to work on a number of important infrastructure projects all throughout Australia this past year, including:

Westgate Bridge Melbourne

West Gate Bridge:

This was a major project that was dubbed as a ‘once-in-a-generation’ repainting works by Roads Online. With more than 55,000 litres of anti-corrosive paint being applied to a 848-metre stretch of the bridge that was 58 metres above ground and water – this project required everyone involved to work together to get the job done on time and within budget.


Mining Equipment Refurbishment:

2022 was a big year for mining equipment refurbishment. With our clients experiencing supply constraints, it is becoming more and more vital to maintain and refurbish existing mining equipment. Many of the mining refurbishment projects that were undertaken this year involved equipment such as graders, dump trucks and trays, and large structural support beams.

McCrae Lighthouse

McCrae Lighthouse:

The McCrae Lighthouse is Port Phillip’s tallest lighthouse, and a popular tourist attraction in the Mornington Peninsula. At 33.5 metres high, our refurb works were split into two phases – first removing hazardous lead coatings, erecting scaffolding to encapsulate the structure and then providing steel remediation work. And then in the second phase, we completed remediation work on the interior and dome surfaces and applied a protective coating. For this project, we had to work closely with the local community throughout the entire process to manage traffic and ensure minimal disruptions.

Looking Towards 2023:

Our team and crews are looking forward to a little bit of down time over the holiday period, spending time with their families and loved ones, and enjoying some well-earned rest. We know that 2023 is going to be another big year, and we already have a number of big projects lined up. We invite you to join us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with everything that our team is working on throughout the year ahead, or head over to our projects portfolio to learn more about our scope and capabilities.

Happy Holidays from McElligotts

Wishing you, your team, your family, and your friends a safe, loving and joy filled holiday. We look forward to working with you and sharing our journey with you in the new year.