Tullaroop Spillway Bridge

The Tullaroop Spillway Bridge is situated at the north of the 60-year-old Tullaroop Reservoir, and regulates the water flow from Tullaroop Creek. McElligotts recently had the pleasure of working on this important road bridge, in association with Goulburn-Murray Water between February and April 2021.

We were tasked with erecting containment underneath the bridge to capture the spent lead contaminated garnet, while also blasting and repainting the steel beams supporting the bridge. The work began with building a scaffold around the bridge that was undertaken with the assistance of a subcontractor. Afterwards, we set up the containment inclusive of a steel floor, netting and vinyl on top.

The team then took samples of the air and soil to ensure our work was being conducted in a manner that was safe to both ourselves and the environment. We covered the water pipe and any sharp edges to protect our workers and the infrastructure from the abrasive blasting. The process of the blasting was conducted at a 2.5 class, which wiped the beams back to bare steel.

Our team then cleaned the containment of any excess lead waste and began the process of repainting the beams. After applying three coats of new paint, the scaffolding was disassembled, the equipment was demobilised, and the Tullaroop Spillway Bridge project was completed.

At McElligotts, we are incredibly proud of the hard work our team committed to this project. Throughout the weeks that we were working on the bridge, we experienced some challenging weather conditions, including heavy rain, however it didn’t impede our progress too much. A truly amazing project to have had the pleasure to work on.