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Mackay Sugar: Mirani Bridge Remediation

McElligotts have been engaged by Mackay Sugar of the Nordzucker Group to work on the remediation of the Mirani Bridge in Mirani, just a short drive from the town centre of Mackay. For many years, the Mirani Bridge has been used to transport sugarcane across the town from the fields to the sugar mill, which is an essential part of Mackay’s economy.

Mackay Sugar is Australia’s second largest sugar milling company, having milled cane for over 140 years across 3 sites in Mackay at Farleigh, Marian and Racecourse. The company also holds a 25 per cent interest in Sugar Australia Joint Venture, Sugar Australia, and New Zealand Sugar Company. Between their products of sugar, molasses, bagasse and mill mud/ ash, Mackay Sugar turns over $300 million annually.

Mackay Sugar BridgeAs part of the corrosion remediation of the bridge McElligotts will conduct lead paint removal works. Lead paint is a toxic material that was commonly used to coat steel during construction projects prior to 1975. Over time, exposure to lead paint is extremely dangerous to humans due to its toxicity which can damage the brain, kidneys and nervous system in both children and adults.

Safety is our top value at McElligotts so we take measures to ensure our workers do not come into direct contact with the harmful lead paint by providing them with the appropriate personal protective equipment to wear whilst removing the old coating and environmental controls to ensure the work area stays below the exposure Standards  After we remove the lead paint, we will re-coat the bridge with a safer, more durable protective coating system that will ensure the bridge remains free from corrosion for years to come.

McElligotts were awarded the project by Mackay Sugar on the back of our superior experience and reputation in safely carrying out similar lead removal paint projects throughout Australia.