Point Lonsdale Lighthouse SML

Port Lonsdale Lighthouse

McElligotts were recently engaged by the Victorian Ports Corporation Melbourne (VPCM) to undertake remedial works on the heritage listed Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.

The Point Lonsdale Lighthouse is located in Point Lonsdale, Victoria and is operated by the Victorian Channels Authority. The Lighthouse stands on the eastern end of the Bellarine Peninsula, on the western side of the entrance to Port Phillip from Bass Strait, overlooking one of the ten most treacherous navigable passages in the world, the “rip”.

First lit in 1902, the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse plays an important part in Victoria’s history, having helped keep sailors safe for many years.

The design is quintessential of late nineteenth century Victorian lighthouses, consisting of a cylindrical concrete tower atop an octagonal prism signal station and observation room. The structure is made from reinforced concrete and surmounted by a lantern, which was later replaced with an acetylene light and later again, an electrical light.

Now, the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse holds weekly tours where visitors can explore the inside of the building and learn the right history of the lighthouse, so it’s important that it remains safe for use and looks as good as new. As part of the remedial works, McElligotts will be carrying out steel refurbishment and re-coating the outer side of the lighthouse. We are honoured to have been chosen to work on this important historical building and cannot wait to get started.

Point Lonsdale lighthouse repairs