Bridge of Remembrance

McElligotts’s Tasmanian team were proud to have the opportunity to work on a key piece of infrastructure in Hobart, the Bridge of Remembrance. The bridge is a new pedestrian bridge that opened to the public on March 31 2019, just in time for ANZAC Day.

The Bridge of Remembrance is named so because it links two of the most significant areas of remembrance in Tasmania, the Cenotaph and Soldier’s Memorial Avenue. The bridge allows visitors to walk or cycle from one to the other and acts as an overpass above the busy Tasman Highway.

The Bridge:

The bridge is a stunning structure, architecturally designed by Denton Corker Marshall (DMC) in partnership Arup, Inspiring Place and BSPM Architects. It cost $11 million, and is 4m wide and over 6.5m high. The striking design features steel ‘wings’ and cladding along the sides and is part of the City’s on-going mission to make walking the most attractive mode of transport by giving high priority to pedestrians and providing them with convenient walking links to key destinations.

The Scope of the Project:

The McElligotts Tasmanian team have a close relationship with Haywards, a Launceston-based steel fabrication company who were also contracted for this project. We partnered with Haywards to provide all of the protective coatings work for all of the main structural steel.

The project was completed in several sections and then transported down into Hobart. Once in Hobart, the sections were welded together and the cladding was put on. To complete the project, the highway was closed for a day so that the massive sections of the bridge could be lifted into place.

McElligotts are proud to have been part of such an amazing project. The Bridge of Remembrance was not only an impressive project due to the design and scale of it, but it is also an important part of Australia’s infrastructure and history, as it helps commemorate the service and sacrifice by our Australian service men and women.

The images below were taken on the official opening of the Bridge of Remembrance in Hobart on 31st March 2019. Click on them to enlarge.