Telstra Towers

McElligotts has recently had the pleasure of working on a series of Telstra Towers that we started back in mid-June, 2021.

The team at McElligotts were tasked with providing protective coats of paint to the metal angles that will eventually form the towers. These metal angles were stacked up on transport pallets in a way that made removing larger items to be quite difficult at times. Moving each item required a high degree of precision and care from our team, as one wrong move could cause the stacks to collapse.

Our team also had to spend several hours covering up the bolt holes using masking tape so that they would be protected from the paint. Once this task was complete, we were able to apply the protective coating system so that the parts can handle the elements once the towers are complete.

McElligotts would like to thank Telstra for giving our team the opportunity to work on this project. We have been working hard continuously for the past three months and look forward to seeing the results of our effort when the towers are completed.

Telstra Tower

Telstra Tower Project

Telstra Tower Tasmania