Port Alma

McElligotts was recently engaged by one of our long-term Queensland clients to assist in the remediation of the berth deck and underside of Port Alma.

Port Alma is situated on the southern end of the Fitzroy River delta and is the major deep sea port for the city of Rockhampton. The Port is managed by the Gladstone Ports Corporation, owned by the Queensland Government and is the principal designated port for the handling of ammonium nitrate cargoes and Class 1 explosives on the east coast of Australia. In addition, the port handles bulk tallow and military equipment for exercises held at Shoalwater Bay.

McElligotts’ scope of work on the project primarily involved concrete remediation. Concrete Remediation refers to the structural repair and reinforcement of concrete, protection installation, joint and sealing repairs and more. It’s important to have concrete remediation carried out as soon as cracks are beginning to appear to ensure the safety and longevity of the structure.

In addition, McElligotts installed a cutting edge, highly safe access scaffolding system to enable workers to continue with their job safely. In line with our company values, our scaffolding structures are designed with safety as the number one priority to give workers the confidence to complete a project without compromising their safety.

For the Port Alma project, McElligotts used UHPW jetting to thoroughly remove the previous concrete and prepare the port for remediation. In addition, an access scaffolding system has been installed under the berth to enable personnel to obtain safe access between tides. We are very pleased with how the project is progressing and are confident we will achieve a great result.

Port Alma

2021 Project Updates

McElligotts has been hard at work continuing our Port Alma project throughout 2021. Our permanent crew onsite are responsible for water blasting on average 150 millimetres of concrete from the port. We have managed to remove complete areas of the port, exposing the reinforcements and progressing the project further. At McElligotts Queensland, we are incredible proud of the work our crew has done, and continues to do, on this significant port.