Flinders Street Viaduct

Flinders Street Viaducts: Melbourne CBD

One of the projects we are currently working on is the Flinders Street Viaduct.

The old viaduct was initially constructed in 1889 then duplicated in 1915. The four lines help to carry the City Circle, Burnley, Caulfield, and Northern loop  between Flinders Street Station and Southern Cross Station.

In the 1970s during the construction phase of the City Loop the four tracks of the old viaduct were upgraded for bidirectional use with the northern bridge carrying the City Circle and Burnley Loop tracks and the southern bridge carrying the Caulfield and Northern Loop tracks. The overall length of the viaduct measures approximately 760m with individual spans ranging from 10m to 24m.The northern bridge consists of 45 spans from the brick abutment beside the car park of the Grand Hotel to the Flinders Street Station vaults at Banana Alley. The southern bridge comprises 44 spans as it does not pass over Span 1 or Pier 2 and sits on original ground adjacent to the Grand Hotel at the corner of Flinders St & Spencer St.

This work involves refurbishing the 270m long section both underside and topside within the rail corridor between spans 1-16. Over 12000 square meters of steel.

Flinders Street Viaduct Flinders Street Viaduct Flinders Street Viaduct

McElligotts have been able to achieve treatment of 216lm of topside girders in just 50hrs! including full containment, hazardous coating removal, and a 3 coat protective system applied. Just 8 occupations will see the topside completely refurbished.

Works on the underside is just as complex dealing with numerous stakeholders, detailed pedestrian and traffic management including works over tram and busways.

McElligotts are achieving fantastic results supported by our accredited management systems, enabling these high risk works to be undertaken on one of Melbourne’s busiest thoroughfares without impact to the nearby public or environment.

Achieving a remarkable finish we are able to give new life to this iconic structure and help make it a feature of the area for many years to come.

We’re proud to have been contracted by Metro Trains Melbourne to remediate this significant Melbourne structure.

Flinders Street Viaduct Works

Flinders Street Viaduct Upgrade