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Central Coast Stadium Lighting Towers

Central Coast Stadium Lighting

Our work began in June 2020 by erecting scaffolding with work platforms around the towers before encapsulating them with containment sheeting. After that, our team used high pressure water to wash the lighting tower’s steelwork and abrasive blasted any isolated corroded areas. We then spot prime prepared those corroded areas with an epoxy zinc rich primer. This first stage of the project ended with us hand abrading the steelwork of all existing sound paint coating.

The next step was applying a Surface Tolerant 2-pack high build epoxy to the steel structure of both lighting towers. This was followed by applying a 2-pack high build polyurethane finish coat to ensure the towers will continue looking fresh over a long period of time. All that was left was our team dismantling the containment setting, work platform, and scaffolding, and by October 2020, Central Coast Stadium had Lighting Towers 1 & 2 looking as good as new.

We would like to thank our hardworking team for showing their skills, expertise, and experience in completing this project to the high standard that we always strive for at McElligotts. We hope that the people of Gosford and the Central Coast region can now enjoy watching and playing sports under the glow of their freshly cleaned and painted lighting towers.