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Here at McElligotts, we love what we do. Nothing excites us more than working on new projects that are challenging yet deliver a rewarding result. Above all, what’s most important to us is the safety of our staff and we are proud to be a company with a strong track record of safe work practices and processes. We understand the importance of safety and take it seriously, making it something we prioritise and work on every day.

Safety for our Clients:

As a company with a strong safety reputation, we understand that our clients have high expectations, which we always strive to meet. Our EHS manager works hard to ensure that our operations comply with all legal requirements in OH&S, industry regulations and adhere with different legal requirements in each state. It’s important to us that our clients are aware of our safety procedures, so they have confidence in our work, know they are getting return on investment, are confident that we’re meeting KPI’s and overall, meeting their expectations.

Safety for Staff:

Something we are proud of at McElligotts is the way our staff prioritise safety for every project they work on. We encourage our staff to speak up if they feel a situation is unsafe and to do everything we need to resolve the issue. No safety concern is ever brushed aside but is instead seen as an opportunity for improvement within the company. Having a good safety record allows us to be confident that workers will leave work safe so they can enjoy their home environment without having to worry about their job. To ensure their safety, our staff go through a rigorous induction course and competency verification before they work on any project. Throughout the time our staff members are with us, our EHS manager conducts audits and reports trends in performances to senior management so improvements to safety procedures can be made. We also have several safety procedures in place such as having negative air environments when removing toxic paint and performing HEPA filtering where possible. Our team of senior supervisors all hold NACE Coating Inspector qualifications and our painters and blaster have completed their Certificate III in Surface Preparation and Protective Coatings.

Safety and Teamwork:

Safety and teamwork are two concepts that go hand and hand here at McElligotts. Having safety as an overall goal gives our entire team something to achieve together, no matter what project they’re working on or where they’re located. We like to make sure our staff are working in an environment where they feel safe and supported, with the concept “be safe for yourself, your family, your colleagues and McElligotts” running as a strong theme throughout the company. Due to our significant attention to safety, we have been lucky enough to celebrate several safety milestones together, recognising our many operations without a single injury onsite. We always celebrate these milestones by rewarding staff for their efforts whether it be a team party, a staff BBQ or a small gift. Being able to celebrate an achievement together as a team brings everyone at McElligotts closer together and motivates us to continue and improve our safe practices.