Dump Truck Trays

IMS Dump Truck Trays

McElligotts Queensland have had the privilege to work with IMS (International Mining Services) on a project that has been ongoing for more than two years. On any given weekend, we receive anywhere from one to five used dump truck trays that we are responsible for refurbishing by blasting and applying a fresh new coat of paint to assist in maintaining their longevity.

This important project is conducted on weekends as the IMS mechanical team is busy working on other areas on maintenance of the dump trucks during the week. Our team maintains the same consistent level of quality and workplace safety that we implement across all our clients – quality and safety are two components we never deviate from.

The IMS dump truck trays can carry loads of up to 50 tonnes, so it’s essential we play our part in making sure they last as long as possible. We sometimes receive newer dump trucks trays which receive a more intense blast and respraying process.

We are proud to have been working with IMS for such a long period of time, and our experienced team is always committed to helping breath new life into these used dump truck trays – no matter the time of week.

Before RefurbishmentRefurb Dump Tray Dump Tray Refurb Dump Tray Refurbishment Dump TrayBefore Pic Refurbish Dump Tray