McElligotts has two offices based in Victoria, one in Geelong and our Head Office located in Laverton North. These two sites both offer all weather facilities which allow McElligotts to cater to tight deadlines with a priority on safety and quality, ensuring we meet industry standards and exceed our client expectations. The combination of the two sites in Victoria and others located in other states, allows McElligotts to service on and off site projects through-out Australia, and not specifically just the Victorian market.
Our yard facilities and capabilities are supported by our mobile work sites and investment into the latest equipment, techniques and technology. This paired with our highly trained staff with many years’ experience, means McElligotts has the capabilities, equipment and knowledge to complete even the most complex coating and blasting projects across many different industries and environments, including transport capabilities to move, pickup or deliver large structures. Here at McElligotts we pride ourselves on innovation, sustainability and the experience that comes with being in operation for over 60 years.


Black Hill, Victoria, Australia

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Hunter Water
July – September 2017

Completed Safely without incident and ahead of schedule.



Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, Australia

kangaroo-valley   kangaroo-valley-1

Sydney Catchment Authority
15 April 2013 – 17th September 2013

Kangaroo Valley was a massive undertaking by McElligotts. It required a 2.6 meter wide and 1.8KM underground pipeline to be relined with a solvent-less epoxy lining, the task made even more challenging with there only being two access points. The initial work was to remove the old vinyl ester coating from the steel and then abrasive blast using a robotic blaster system. All the waste then had to be removed from the pipe and was achieved by using an extremely large vacuum unit, which sucked the waste from the pipe up to the shaft. Once the required profile was create the pipeline was relined, which was completed with robotic spraying units.


Various Sites Australia Wide



McElligotts cover all sections of maintenance programs within the refineries, across Australia. This includes tank maintenance, pipelines, general site maintenance and all project and turnarounds.

This can include things such as:

  • Ultra High pressure surface preparation
  • Abrasive blasting and hand tool surface preparation
  • Surface preparation including blasting on live lines, tanks, vessels and exchangers throughout all areas across refinery.
  • Quality inspections to provide a full approved quality assured system for protection to the assets in accordance with planned maintenance.
  • Containment systems.


Carrum, Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne Water
August 2011 – November 2013

McElligotts were a major part of the Eastern Treatment Plant refurbishment. McElligotts were required to line the existing concrete which had developed major leaking issues during the construction. McElligotts covered over 5000m2 of concrete, which included removal of original coating which had failed and relining it with Polibrid. McElligotts developed a reinforced coating system using geo fabric and pinning geo fabric to concrete to ensure future coating failures were eliminated. McElligotts applied intercrete bands to expansion joints to provide extra strength in the coating system to prevent water pressure leaking through expansion joints. Ultra-high pressure surface preparation on the external concrete surfaces was used to ensure correct surface profile was achieved, made even more challenging with up to 200 other contractors’ onsite at the same time. Steel shot blasting was used for surface prep in the Ras channel a 315 m channel to be able to recycle steel shot to eliminate issues with garnet removal.  All external coating systems had a non slip coating to prevent trip and slip hazards as areas were high traffic areas around the water treatment plant.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

westgate-bridge-1 westgate-bridge

John Holland
November 2007 – Ongoing

McElligotts were sub-contracted on this complex but interesting project by John Holland. The Westgate Bridge produced a number of different aspects for McElligotts such as dealing with Red Lead containment and removal, traffic, different substrates and the size. McElligotts were commissioned to abrasive blast the internal of the bridge removing the Red Lead and returning the substrate back to bare steel, and creating a profile for the strengthening steel to be attached. Similar abrasive blasting technique was required on the externals, which included creating a profile on the concrete surface for carbon fibre to be attached for strengthening properties, one of the largest carbon fibre projects in the world. At the height of this project McElligotts were running 100 men split between two twelve hour shifts.


Kununurra, Western Australia


WA Water Corp
2009 – 2014 – 5 year contact

McElligotts undertook a 5 year contract with WA Water Corporation for the Blasting and Painting of 20 dam gates which required 4 gates to be completed each year of the contract. This project presented different elements including containment of individual gates while blasting, equipment setup (which was required to sit on barges), scaffolding and internal and external coatings as the internals were in submersed conditions. Each gate took about 3months to complete from start to finish.