McElligotts Tasmania continues to supply Protective Coatings servicers to a wide range of customers throughout the Apple Isle with our Launceston facility and our mobile site works. We pride ourselves by conducting our operations in a safe, environmentally conscious, productive and quality manner that the McElligotts name has proven over the years.
Our Western Junction painting facility has seen major expansions over the last several years to cater for major Wind Tower and Bridge projects. The all-weather facility gives us the ability to deliver world class projects on time no matter what Tasmanian weather conditions are forced upon us.
Working in sometimes isolated situations we need to be independent and selective with our Labour, Equipment and materials. Our workforce is well trained with constant up skilling of their competencies. Our equipment is well maintained and our preferred materials are Australian made were possible. For our ongoing concerns we have introduced and developed abrasives and thinners recycling as a daily part of our business, altogether contributing to McElligotts Tasmania’s sustainability.

Trevallyn Dam

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February -March 2016
Dewatering Valve Replacement Project

Abrasive Blast to Remove Existing Coal Tar Epoxy and Repaint 3 x Conduits (1500mm Diax 30m Long)
This project had many challenges with constant water leaks from the Stop Logs up stream, heavy surface pitting along with project pressure to complete works around the clock due to rising Dam levels.

Hydro Tasmania


Re Paint of protective coatings

McElligotts Tasmania continues to work on a wide range of Hydro Tasmania projects from Dam and Penstock infrastructure to Turbine and Power Station internal works. Our quality and accreditations, along with PCCP Level (5) certifications give us the compliance to conduct the removal of lead based paints and other hazardous wastes which is present on many sites. Our vast experience and past performances gives Hydro Tas the confidence that we can deliver these projects safely and on time in which is extremely important. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve our services to our clients as they are important for McElligotts now and in the future.

Batman Bridge


Maintenance Re paint of protective coatings

The Batman Bridge located to the north on the Tamar River is a major asset of the Department of Infrastructure and Energy Resources (DIER) build between 1966 and 1968 has been a vital link between the West and East Tamar. This iconic cable- stayed structure spans over 430 metres with thousands of square meters of structural steel all requiring a robust protective coatings system. Work is conducted from a motorised Gantry structure that has been purpose built for the containment of our abrasive blasting and protective coatings works. Over the years we have provided a Quality service and built a strong working relationship with Department of Infrastructure and Energy Resources (DIER) and look to continue this into future projects.



Re paint of protective coatings

This high profile project for Hydro Tasmania was full of many challenges including: safe access, containment, inclement weather (sub zero’s, high winds and wave action), interacting with other trades, along with the usual high standard of EHS requirements. The project consisted of 2 components with differing paint systems on the upstream and downstream sides of the crest gates. Each gate was 35 m in width which was then sectioned into 12m work areas. In total the project went for 8 weeks and involved establishing a night shift during critical stages at the request of the client to assist in bringing forward the completion date.  This project allowed our team to develop new skills and experience along with forging new relationships. The success of this project is also highlighted by the 3000 incident free man hours.

Musselroe Wind Farm


New Construction Protective Coatings application

Over 11 month period the Tasmanian division of McElligotts undertook arguably it’s hardest project during the Musselroe Wind Farm project for Haywards Steel Fabrication and Construction, who had the supply contract to Vestas Towers for the Hydro Tasmania project. The project required a significant infrastructure investment in the Launceston operations. In total 56 wind towers were prepared and painted in accordance with an extremely strict specification and with the presence of full time 3rd party inspectors. Each tower comprised of 3 sections up to 30m in length and weighing between 47 and 60 Tonnes each. Approximately 87,000 square metres of steel was prepared using over 70,000L of paint that comprised of a 3 coat system supplied by Hempel. To meet the delivery schedule it was required to run a 24hr 7 day roster while still maintaining other significant project commitments.