McElligotts Queensland prides themselves on being market leaders in safety, environmental and quality standards especially when it comes to asset protection within the mining industry. This reputation that was founded by Tom Bryant who was the director and owner of Transcote Pty Ltd, a company that was purchased by McElligott Partners in 2003 and helped to create the foundations of McElligotts QLD Pty Ltd.
Further investment in company safety followed when DuPont were engaged by the Board of Directors to carry out an analysis of the companies safety culture and systems.  This partnership began in 2010 and DuPont continue to provide ongoing training and education on our safety journey.
Current services provided include and not limited to abrasive blasting and industrial painting, industrial cleaning, ultra high water blasting, access scaffolding and application of specialized coatings.  In recent years McElligotts QLD diversified providing services to the Mining, Transport, Water, Sugar, Petro Chemical, and Telecommunications industries throughout Australia.
McElligotts QLD boasts a highly skilled and trained workforce with qualifications and core competencies maintained for site compliance.  Senior supervision hold NACE Coating Inspectors qualifications and a large percentage of blaster/painters have completed Cert III in Surface Preparation and Protective Coatings, recently rolled out through the Illawarra TAFE.

Hitachi EX5500 Boom

Mackay Yard Facility


October 2014

•Co-ordinate transport and skates to move in and out of blast room. Total Weight 40 Tonne
•Fast turn-around to support client planning.
•Abrasive blast to class 2.5
•Primer –International Intergard251
•Topcoat –International Interfine629 ISO Free
•Total D.F.T. 150 microns

FacilitySDV Longwall –BMA Crinum AFC Pans

Mackay Yard Facility

  SDV longwall pans2SDV longwall pans1

October 2014

•Co-ordinate transport.
•Fast turn-around to support client planning.
•Abrasive blast to class 2.5
•Primer –HempelOmega Red Oxide
•Total D.F.T. 50 microns
•Total D.F.T. 150 microns

CAT Shovel Build SV501

Daunia Coal Mine

 Daunia shoval

June 2014

•Second Shovel in Australia in CAT Colours.
•Set up of a n encapsulated yard area in-situ to paint items prior to erection.
•Permanent painting crew throughout build
•LTI and Incident Free
•Commemorative shirts for all crew members.


Caval Ridge

  coal stacker1coal stacker2

April 2013 – April 2014

Repair of construction damage and re-instatement of the protective coating systems.
3 x raw and product coal stackers
2 x Raw and Product coal bucket wheel reclaimers
Abrasive blasting and mechanical clean used as surface preparation method.
Zero LTI’s and RI’s through the duration of the project, a total of 16,637 hours
Crew of 8 men


Caval Ridge


June – November 2013

Touch up of construction damage and repaint
First shovel in Australia in CAT colours
Set up of an encapsulated yard area in-situ, to paint items prior to erection.
Permanent painting crew throughout build
LTI and Incident free

Conveyor structural Integrity–Scaffold Build

Oakly Creek

  oaky conveyor1oaky conveyor2

February 2013

•2nd 20m High scaffold bird cage tower accessing 7M Conveyor for structural integrity and paint remediation works
•As encapsulation was required plans were submitted to client and engineering determined requirements for wind loading, ties, etc..


Oakly Creek

oaky scafofold1oaky scafofold2

October 2012

Erect scaffolding access for structural integrity and paint remediation
20m high scaffolding bird cage tower accessing a 10m conveyor
Encapsulation was required therefore had to take into account requirements for wind loading, ties etc.


rail-beam-scaffold rail-beam-scaffold-1

July 2010

Erection of scaffold access to ship fender
Scaffold hanging from engineered brackets which were welded to rail beam throughout the installation of the scaffold.
Full design and engineering supplied to client for approval before erection.
The completed scaffold access system was 232 tons and 200m long which allowed for complete access long the rail beam.