Maintenance Services Bright Spot

Congratulations goes to the McElligotts Scaffold crew who achieved 1825 days (5 years) First Aid and Recordable Injury Free on 05/11/17.

This has been an outstanding effort by the team and is a result of their continuous focus on safety whilst performing works at Hay Point.
In addition to this, McElligotts as a group have accomplished more than 286,000 continuous hours Recordable Injury Free at Hay Point.

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Denso Seashield 200FD Accreditation

To support a new project at the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT), 16 x personnel from McElligotts (QLD) Mackay Branch have completed the accredited training for the Denso Seashield Series 2000FD.  This accredited training is valid for 2 years.

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McElligotts (QLD) Pty Ltd’s site crew based at the Hay Point Coal Terminal have achieved an impressive milestone of 200,000 Hours Recordable Injury Free. This milestone has been across multiple skill competencies on a single site including scaffold access, abrasive blasting, application of protection coatings and concrete remediation services over a 2.5 year duration from August 2014 to February 2017.

The Directors would like to thank you for your efforts in achieving this milestone and encourage that we continue to exceed this result. Everyone that has contributed to this milestone should be proud of their achievement.

When we all act in a manner that demonstrates “Safety is my Principle” and constantly innovate with new ideas then we will continue to be successful in looking after ourselves and our work mates.

Once again we thank you for your efforts and look forward to achieving the next milestone.

John McElligott & Rory McElligott


The end of February 2016, marks a twelve (12) month period of zero lost time injuries (LTI) for the McElligotts (QLD) team (a total of over 200,000 hours worked LTI free). If we all behave in a manner that demonstrates “Safety is my Principle” then we will continue to be successful in looking after ourselves and our work mates. Congratulations to the McElligotts (QLD) team for their ongoing commitment to safe work practices.

In recognition of this milestone the McElligotts Directors, John McElligott and Rory McElligott, have issued a statement to all employees on this great achievement.

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